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We are suppliers of Replacement Vertical Blind slats and complete Vertical Blind Systems. Based in Bearwood, near Birmingham in the west Midlands.

We have been supplying Vertical Blinds and Blind Slats on line for over 10 years.

Bearwood Blinds Supply quality made to measure Blinds made from only the finest Fabrics. Our full product range can be seen by CLICKING Our Shop.

Bearwood Blinds Also supply complete Blind Systems which are made entirely to measure to the size that you require. The Blinds are completed with your choice of slats from Our Shop.

Replacing your old or damaged Blind slats is a cost effective way of giving your room a brand new look. You will see in Our Shop has a large selection of both 89mm and 127 mm Vertical Slats. Whats more, there is NO MINIMUM requirement. You can purchase the amount of slats that you require.

We also supply Black Out Blind Slats. These are an opaque fabric, ideal for rooms where you need that extra little shade.

Replacing your Vertical Blind Slats It's so easy

Replacing some or all of your vertical Blind slats is really quite a straight forward affair.

Firstly you will need to un hook the weights of all, or just the slats you wish to replace. You only need to un hook one side then slide the wight out of the other.

The next thing you will need to do is to un hook the top hanger from the head-rail. This fitting can vary slightly, but usually you gently raise the top hanger at the top of the slat, then tilt it towards the opening. Your Vertical slat should then simply be removed.

Once removed you can lay the slat on a flat surface and measure it. We have created a simple video on You Tube if you are still having problems. Please see:- Our Video


Any questions relating to our Vertical Blinds can perhaps be answered on our FAQ pages. If you still are unsure call 07749 593252 or visit Contact Us

About our Blinds

Our replacement Vertical Blind Slats are manufactured using only the finest Fabrics available. With top and bottom seams sewn, not glued as are Blinds of a lesser quality. Also our Blinds slats each come with a new top hanger included.